CHAS accredited contractors logo

Request the new CHAS accredited logo now

Please complete the form to request the new accredited contractor logo, this can be used on letterhead, stationery, brochures and website. This is only available for currently accredited contractors, please ensure to use your company name and registered email address when making the request.

The logo will be supplied in both purple and white, please refer to the logo guidelines below before applying the logo to your site or stationery.

Logo usage guidelines

The logo can appear on a range of brand colour backgrounds as well as over imagery and graphics. In all cases, it is important that our logo is clear with good standout which means that both background colours and imagery must be selected carefully. Examples of how the logo should be used are provided below.


Having a fixed clear space around our logo helps ensure its visual integrity and clarity. 


Purple and white are our primary logo colours. No colour tints should be used.


An example of an application where the clarity of the logo is compromised. A change of application or a change of approach would be required.